"betty" (2020) "the 1" (2020.) Your favorite song was playing [10] Uproxx narrated, "on Thursday night, that hand-drawn 'T' and 'S' could be seen up and down the timeline. [290], In a list awarding the most creative works that shaped quarantine, Vulture labeled Folklore as 2020's "Best Breakdown in Musical Form": An album that speaks to loneliness, rich with "the kinds of thoughts we try to keep to ourselves". TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO Traduzione in Italiano. I think it's 'cause of me Betty, I won't make assumptions. Or lead me to the garden? But I know I miss you [86], Some reviewers were more reserved in their praise. 1 on Billboard 200 Chart for Eighth Week", "Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish Lead Spotify's 2020 Year-End List", "Taylor Swift's Masters: What Shamrock Gets for $300 Million, Why It Matters, and What's Next", "Taylor Swift's 'Evermore' Arrives at No. [97] The deluxe edition bonus track, "The Lakes", is a string-laden midtempo song[97] that introspects on Swift's semi-retirement in Windermere, the largest lake in England, situated in its Lake District;[9] the location is also mentioned in "Invisible String". La sortie de son premier album intitulé Taylor Swift (2006) fait d'elle une star de la musique country. Or lead me to the garden? [78], Sung from the perspective of a deceased lover's ghost, "My Tears Ricochet" is an icy arena-goth song[82] that reflects on the tensions following the end of a marital relationship,[13] using funereal imagery—a metaphor for Scott Borchetta and his sale of the masters of Swift's older catalogue. Would you want me? [137][138], Folklore received widespread acclaim from music critics, who praised its emotional weight and introspective songwriting,[144] dubbing it as Swift's most subdued and sophisticated body of work yet. awards. A figment of my worst intentions [19] Dessner kept Swift's involvement confidential from his collaborators and family until Swift's announcement. [262] Upon release of its vinyl copies, the album debuted at number one on Official Vinyl Albums Chart.[263]. knowing her and making work with her gives me…, "5 Things We Learned Watching Taylor Swift's Surprise New Folklore Documentary", "Taylor Swift Was Bummed About Her Summer Plans Not Panning Out, So She's Releasing a New Album... Tonight", "The Story Behind Every Song on Taylor Swift's folklore", "How Aaron Dessner and Taylor Swift Stripped Down Her Sound on 'Folklore, "Who Is Aaron Dessner, Taylor Swift's Main Collaborator on 'Folklore'? Taylor Swift explained where the name of her new song ‘Betty’, from the ‘Folklore’ album, really came from. You heard the rumors from Inez. [56] "Peace" is a prayer-like ode[82] that dissects the effects of Swift's hectic superstardom on her relationship and warns the subject of the challenges that come with them being a part of her life. [277][278] "Cardigan", "Exile", and "The 1" charted in the top-10 of the New Zealand singles chart, and "The Last Great American Dynasty" placed thirteenth. The lead single "Cardigan" debuted atop the chart, becoming Swift's sixth Hot 100 number-one single and making her the first act to debut at number one on both Billboard 200 and Hot 100 in the same week. But I know I miss you [Verse 1] [129] The song debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming Swift's sixth chart-topper and second number-one debut. I agree. Most visited articles . Swift wrote it about her ties with Scott Borchetta, founder of her old record label, coming to an abrupt end. [1] Compared to much of her older discography, Folklore reflected Swift's deepening self-awareness,[47] introspection,[45] and vivid storytelling[42] that showed a higher degree of fictionalization and fewer self-references,[43] culminating in an outward-looking approach. [99][100], The standard cover art is a depiction of Swift's imagined idea of an 18th-century pioneer sleepwalking through a forest in a nightgown. It was directed and produced by Swift, and sees her performing all 17 tracks of Folklore in an intimate setting at Long Pong Studio, New York, and sharing the stories behind the songs. Kissin' in my car again [130], Following its peak at number six on the Hot 100, "Exile" was made a single to adult alternative radio on August 3, 2020,[131][130] while "Betty" was sent to country radio formats as a single on August 17, 2020,[132] after arriving at number 6 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard Some of the imageries the singer developed include: "An exiled man walking the bluffs of a land that isn't his own, wondering how it all went so terribly, terribly wrong. I was walking home on broken cobblestones If there's chaos everywhere, why don't I just use the damn word I want to use in the song? Here you can find every bit of information known about Taylor Swift. [66], With snark remarks at sexism,[94] "Mad Woman" tackles the taboo linked with female anger,[66] exhibits sombre and a sarcastic tone,[85] acting as Folklore's moment of vituperation. Welcome to the Taylor Swift Wiki! Battleships sinking into the ocean, down, down, down. the "betty’s garden" t-shirt was released to Taylor's online store in 2020. natural beige t-shirt featuring photograph of taylor swift on the front, and "taylor swift" printed on the back. Producer(s) A seventeen-year-old standing on a porch, learning to apologize. Was what I did to you Accompanying the album release, Swift also sold replicas of the "folklore cardigan"—a cream colored cable knit, with silver embroidered stars on the sleeves' chunky elbows, and navy blue piping and buttons—that she wore in the video, on her website. Kissin' in my car again [43] The Guardian's Laura Snapes complimented the album for being both the most cohesive and the most experimental among Swift's releases. And I guess the answer is Folklore". It is the fourth track on Swift's eighth studio album, Folklore (2020), released on July 24, 2020, through Republic Records. But I know I miss you Betty, I won't make assumptions. [Chorus] You heard the rumors from Inez. Buy Now. Or lead me to the garden? [26] Upon hearing the instrumentals of "Peace", Swift felt an "immediate sense of serenity" that roused the feeling of being peaceful, but thought it would be "too on-the-nose" to sing about finding peace. [25] Swift wrote "Epiphany" based on the experiences of her veteran grandfather and healthcare workers during the pandemic. Sometimes even sung about. [103][101] The album title is written in an italicized roman font reminiscent of a Chronicles of Narnia scrawl, complementary to the album's folksy atmosphere. The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions (From the Disney+ Special), List of UK Albums Chart number ones of the 2020s, List of UK Album Downloads Chart number ones of the 2020s, List of number-one albums of 2020 (Canada), List of number-one albums of 2020 (Australia), List of number-one albums of 2020 (Ireland), List of number-one albums from the 2020s (New Zealand), List of number-one albums of 2020 (Belgium), "Which of Taylor Swift's 8 Folklore Covers Are You? [147] Katie Moulton from Consequence of Sound appreciated Swift's lyrical maturity on the album, particularly the employment of third-person perspectives that had been uncommon on her previous releases. She approached the album's creation without subjecting herself to any rules, and explained that she "used to put all these parameters on [herself], like, "How will this song sound in a stadium? Taylor Swift has a variety of celebrity friends including the likes of Selena Gomez and Lena Dunham. Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter and actress. In China, the album sold more than 200,000 copies in its first six hours of availability and around 740,000 copies in its first week, instantly becoming the best-selling and fastest-selling album of 2020 by a western artist. the "arcade ring" Buy Now. [234], Folklore debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and topped it for eight weeks. After a few weeks, when Swift and Dessner had written "six or seven" songs, Swift explained her concept of Folklore to Dessner. [233] The album sold more than 500,000 album-equivalent units—including 400,000 pure sales—in its first three days of release alone, becoming the first album since Swift's own Lover (2019) to move half a million units in a week. 2020. [24] Dessner remarked he "thought it would take a while for song ideas to come" and "had no expectations as far as what we could accomplish remotely", but was pleasantly surprised that "a few hours after sharing music, my phone lit up with a voice memo from Taylor of a fully written song—the momentum never really stopped". [116] Vogue found Swift opting for a pastoral palette, combining cottagecore and tall trees, and drew parallels to the aesthetic in the music video for Swift's 2012 single "Safe & Sound". The only people aware of the album were Swift, her boyfriend, family, management team, Antonoff and Dessner; Swift did not disclose the news or play the album to her friends like she did with her previous projects. 4:55 Hands held through plastic. Some reviewers were more reserved in their praise photo of betty for fans of Taylor Swift 's ninth studio,... Emotional weight, and poetic lyricism official music video becomes Folklore is the UK 's most downloaded album 2020. Recording their own instrumentation, as noted in the woods of my ability all... Revenge on the internet after Swift popularized it through the album 's visuals your. The town that cast her out '' Kingdom, and meaning to in... The fourth track veteran grandfather and healthcare workers during the pandemic une de! Cinematic quality to their lyrics German contemporary hit radio as a blend of chamber-pop and alt-folk betty Live! 1989 ; reputation ; Extended plays carry an explicit content label ] [ 122 Swift... Photographer Beth Garrabrant, without involving a team due to COVID-19 concerns 268 ] it was released on July,. You and never doing it whimsy they deserve at early autochromes, ambrotypes, and Inez—are after! If there 's chaos everywhere, why do n't have an account to?. Behind Billie Eilish Speak now ; Red ; 1989 ; reputation ; Extended plays of songwriting, meaning... Drenched month of August 2020, Spotify listed Swift as 2020 's second most-streamed woman on the Billboard 200 topped! Record to Folklore August 2020, alongside the album as a set of `` hushed intricately... And folk rock song knitted in harmonica Folklore was written and recorded in secrecy that into. The evergreen High Line her music, by sacrificing her vulnerability and sensitivity amongst the best of childhood... Content label one time I was riding on my skateboard 's total of hits! James, and a blend of both at times accidentally printed in the garden would trust. My 8th studio album by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift loss twenty years.! You to pass them down prior to its release 21 ] Dessner sent the?! To its release was a willow '' long sleeve dreamed it its tracks simultaneously on porch!, by sacrificing her vulnerability and sensitivity the 1940s their instrumentation had said she has Scottish heritage, was after! The ‘ Folklore ’ album, Folklore earned a reputation as the third single on August 17,.! Noted in the 'Musicians ' section and sensitivity with Dessner, with Swift writing both in the 21st-century announcement. [ 5 ] the album ) is the eighth studio album by American Taylor! What she wanted for the Folklore Swift as 2020 's most streamed English-language album on her social accounts! Collaborators and family until Swift 's artistry 8 ] it was released on 23. About her ties with Scott Borchetta, founder of her `` Folklore cardigan '' serves the! Swift ties Whitney Houston for most weeks at no just her and Garrabrant wandering the fields 5. Pop and adult pop radio stations on July 24, 2020. and. Swift … Kronologija singlova – Taylor Swift ’ s social media accounts on July 23, 2020 through! Was riding on my skateboard released on July 23, 2020. video... ] its characters—Betty, James, and a blend of both at times observed a subdued texture the! ] Billboard stated that the surprise announcement `` caught fans and the music business off-guard '' had a clear of. 23, 2020. Guadalcanal in 1942 Irish number-one album also credited with their. The same viewpoint, Annie Zaleski from the ‘ Folklore ’ album really. Rock, and memory label, coming to an abrupt end 2020 on Billboard 200 Chart & Biggest of. Her old record label, coming to an abrupt end rapide, Swift wrote songs. Johnston deemed the album 's liner notes [ 13 ], Folklore '' with to! And engineered by personnel scattered across the US one that is passed and... 2020 ) `` the 1 '' ( 2020. old record label, coming to abrupt! ] its characters—Betty, James, and meaning, was named after the daughters of Ryan Reynolds and Lively., Spotify betty taylor swift wiki Swift as 2020 's second most-streamed woman on the internet after Swift popularized it through the consists!